"Those who grow the fastest are the most curious, who absorb new knowledge like sponges. That's intellectual curiosity, which drives us to learn and explore new things." _Yang Lan

As a graphic designer, curiosity has always been Maggie's greatest motivation. She likes to explore the common life's beauty and experience different cultures. She believes that the inspiration of art and design comes from the details within what is happening around her. 

She insists that design is indispensable, knowledgeable and aesthetic.

Maggie has developed as a designer under a multiple cultures’ environment. Her unique insight of design thinking has been shaped by the three countries that she has been a part of: China,The Netherlands, and the United States.  As her motherland, China taught her to be humble and keep learning from others; The Netherlands opened her eyes with its endless passion and creativity toward life and design;  the United States, as the place where her creativity met professionalism, motivates her to keep presenting the best of herself as a visual communicator and embrace the meaningful designs in the new media era.